Choose your own hours

Can’t find work to suit your lifestyle? Take control of your work/life balance by managing your own working calendar.

Boost your income by getting great reviews

Currently rocking 5-star reviews, you are a great worker and clients will want you: time to increase your hourly rate!

Wofo Features

No paperwork

Any necessary documents are generated when you accept to start working: no more pesky paperwork.

Peace of mind

Use our hassle-free Wofo dispute service to make sure everything runs smoothly

Get paid weekly

After a hard day’s work, you shouldn’t have to wait long to get paid for it. Wofo will pay your earnings every Tuesday, even if you are working for longer-term contracts.

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Choose your own pay rate

You know what your time is worth, so let clients know by uploading your skills, qualifications, Don't forget to show off your great reviews. Remember Wofo takes a 5% Fee from your set hourly rate and pays applicable withholding tax to the NZ Government. 

Integrated Google Maps

Know exactly where to go and when to go. Helpful reminders from the app will help you make sure you're always on time and in the right place.

Streamlined payment process

Get paid the directly to your nominated bank account by making sure your details are in the app.

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Interactive Messaging system

Know exactly what your client expects.