Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want a day off?

You’re the boss! You control when you work by filling out your calendar. However, if you have been booked to work already you will be expected to be there so remember to plan ahead for things that might affect your availability.

What if I get sick or have an emergency and can’t work when I have been asked to?

If the unexpected should occur, and are unable to perform your end of the contract, use the Wofo messaging system to let the client know. This will avoid receiving a bad review and keep the goodwill for future work. As a contractor, though, you don’t get paid for your time off.

How do I get my referral bonus?

You need to have applied your referral bonus on signup. If you haven’t, that’s ok, just contact us and we will check your account to see if we can put one in place

What is Instant Hire?

Having the “Instant hire” function on means that you are available for any job within the fields you select at any time you're set as available on your calendar. This makes you a very attractive prospect for clients who need someone at short notice. Using this feature and having your calendar up-to-date may increase your workload. If you do not select this function and someone wants to hire you, you will receive a request to work, which you can accept or decline, but you may not be the first worker contacted.

What is the rating system?

What if I want a contractor for a longer term? Can we pay as we go?

Wofo will keep track of the contractors on each job you have going. You'll also be able to print reports showing your total spend and whose onsite at any given time. When contractors approach the job site, they can use the app to swipe in and alert you that they have arrived. They can also swipe out so you always know who's where.

How do I hire the right workers on Wofo?

Once created a profile on the app, you simply scroll through available workers in your area and filter them by industry type, qualifications, hourly rate, or how well they performed in their previous jobs. Once you have found someone you want to hire, just click the hire button

How do I know they will be any good for the work?

Because all the contractors on Wofo are rated after each job, contractors are motivated to perform. This makes it much easier to separate the wheat from the chaff than it is with the old systems.

After each job, both you, and the client rate each other’s performance on the job. The higher your rating,the more desirable you become to clients, A high rating for a client shows contractors that they are good to work for.