Covid 19

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to challenge us all, we are committed to help our clients navigate through Level 3 and beyond by providing unique and pragmatic solutions.

The nature of our platform means we are well placed to provide a high level of contactless service and monitoring.

Sickness declaration prior to shift

Working through Level 4 with some of our essential workers in the healthcare industry we established a sickness declaration system for our contractors to reduce contact with any symptomatic workers.

Regular protocol updates for contractors

Our tech platform makes it easy for us to inform all of our contractors about the latest advice and best practice as well as any site specific information you may need to pass on to them.

Geo tracking while on site

While working on site, the movements of each worker can be followed to help with contact tracing and minimisation in the event of a confirmed case on your site.

Contactless time sheets & pay roll

Doing away with the paper time-sheets is a great way to eliminate a potential risk without compromising on time or accuracy.

WOFO Wellness Declaration form