Welcome to the Wofo -- the shared workforce for a changing world. Speaking innovator to innovator, I am excited to share with you why Wofo is the model you will grow to love. We believe in the shared workforce, we just happen to make recruitment and hiring a dream along the way.

Wofo is an advanced labour-hire tool for individuals and companies to find workers in almost any industry. You gain direct and instant access to a pool of willing, available, and peer-reviewed labour at the click of a button. If you want something special and different just for you, our SAAS platform will accommodate inclusions specific to your company.

So it's a huge shift from traditional labour and recruitment companies that dictated the rules. Now you have the control to get the right people at the price you want to pay.

We also took it a step further and created a complete-360 supply option, you can share your own excess people to the shared workforce at set rates. This isn't offered to just anyone or any industry, however if you are interested about this just chat to us.

We try to keep things as simple as possible, so if you need to know more or how I can help just reach out to me.