Zero Fee Recruitment

Imagine a world where your recruiting could be outsourced for free! 
Wofo is a great way to find temp staff to fill shifts and cover leave, but it is also a fantastic and unique solution to finding full time employees without paying huge recruitment fees or wasting any time.  
Wofo will source candidates that match the job description and let you trial them as a contractor through our system for up to 3 months. If they are working out well and you want them to be a permanent member of the team, simply let us know and we will release them to you for only $590+gst. Saving up to 90% on traditional recruitment services! 
Things we include for free that no one else does: 
•    Access to New Zealand’s largest talent pool over 2,500 contractors
•    Professional Job ads written and published if required
•    Candidate screening and background checks
•    Video interviews
•    Risk free trails, regardless of the number of employees you have.