About us

Working in the construction industry, the Wofo founders saw first hand the difficulty finding staff when you have capricious or seasonal workloads and the huge margins being imposed on labour by the labour hire companies and looked for a better solution.

In March of 2019 Wofo was launched and we have been proud to help thousands of Kiwi's earn more and pay less.

The Wofo ethos has four founding principles:



We believe there is always a better way. Challenging the status quo to find solutions  is how Wofo was born and is integral to the mind set that drives us to continue improving our user    experience for both our contractors and clients.


As a kiwi start-up, it’s in our nature. We are constantly looking to foster a culture of success and enterprise by encouraging initiative in decision making and creative solutions with our  users.



Finding the right balance is fundamental to the Wofo ethos. Whether it’s the price point where labour supply meets labour demand or the work life balance of or users, finding this balance is at the forefront of what we do.


We believe value is created by the synergy between labour and capital. Not by middle men and bureaucracy.  This is the basis for our methodology which uses technology to connect our workers to our hirers in the Wofo community.